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If you're a musician, if you've got licensed music rights for your site, you're going to love this plugin.

Upload all of your MP3 files into the Media panel in your WordPress admin area. Go to the MP3 Tag Clouds plugin settings page (under settings) and you'll see a list of all of your MP3s - select from them and then customize your tag cloud to match your site.

Paste the shortcode in the page or post where you want the tag cloud and player to appear. Set up separate instances for separate albums or create your own thematic groupings on the fly.


* Works with MP3 files
* You can set width and height of the player
* Sort the songs by dragging up/down
* Set the font, font color, background color
* Set the speed of the tag cloud
* Set whether the tag clicks through to the MP3, or to an intermediate page (lyrics, chords, song's story)
* Upload a background graphic through the Media Library to show behind the tag cloud (album covers, pictures)
* On/off setting for player beneath tags: always show player/show button to open the player

Notes: when you add/remove songs from the playlist, please allow a few minutes for the player to update or just empty the cache of your browser (this will erase other cached information from other sites as well).

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